Foto © Andrea Wenzler

Breezy market

13|11|2021 - 14|11|2021

Indoor flea market – Indoor Flohmarkt


A conceptual (thrift) market in times of fast fashion –  for young Berliners

The concept:

Buy and repurpose and / or reuse “old” garments from selected sellers. Handmade accessoires and bags from young creatives and members of “Breezy market community” that last and don’t cost a fortune to organically support locals. With the breezy market we would like to encourage everyone to consider buying upcycled & preowned clothes in order to minimize waste.


The breezy market experience is supposed two make you feel great about shopping again.

It is a living room for you and your loved ones that accepts everyone and should make you feel warm and safe without judgment.

The breezy market experience is not about profit.


12 – 19 Uhr

Eintritt: 5 €