POTENTIALS 002 at Kühlhaus Berlin presents:


d r y f (live)
hush moss (special performance)
image version (live AV)
laurin oppermann x olmo (live)
oldspeak (DJ)


Aquiet (Video Installation / 3D Mapping)
Ben Mönks (Light Installation)
Gabriel Le Roux (Interactive Installation)
Portraits (Video Installation)

THE BRIDGE, with a selection of the finest cocktails

22.10.16 I Kühlhaus Berlin I 19 h I Admission: 5-10 EUR

Average Negative is a Berlin based cross platform label that creates an ongoing series of multidisciplinary art projects released in unique and varied forms.

We produce, select and present sound/music and visual arts such as film, photography and design and furthermore create and organise both physical as well as online exhibitions.

One of Average Negative’s currents projects is an event-series titled ‘Potentials’ in which we exhibit and host performances and artistic practices in various mediums that relate to the concept and aesthetic values of our collective.

Collaboration and the linking of different artistic practices and approaches are key to the identity and output of ‚Potentials’. The components of every event are intended to form one cohesive body of work while still maintaining their inherent specificities. Each ‘Potentials’ will be an immersive, physical and digital experience. The deliberate short duration of the event itself leaves both the viewer and the participating artists with an unique impression, connected to an unusual aesthetic experience that will remain in the individual memory of each person present. Leaving the visitors in the dark about the exact details of the program we intend to create an event that manages to surprise and that ideally acts as an impulse for new thoughts and feelings as well as collaborations transcending geographical and cultural borders.

Potentials celebrates the connection through aesthetic creation and the linking of people through artistic practice.