The Datascience Olympics


The Data Science Olympics ( is the largest Artificial Intelligence competition in Europe. On May 23rd, the third edition of this Machine Learning contest will gather over 1000 Data Scientists on the same challenge, during the same evening, in two prestigious places: Berlin (Kühlhaus) and Paris (Station F)!

Competitors will only have 2 hours to create the best predictive model!

Last year, the dataset was chosen to help Emmaüs, an international solidarity movement founded in 1949, to fight poverty and homelessness. The challenge was about predicting how used objects are sold on their charity web marketplace.

Nikita Loukachev – one of the best Data Scientist (in the top 2% of Kaggle) – won the previous competition. This year, the winner will receive of the best e-bike ever: the Stromer ST3 LE 2019!

We thank our partners without whom this competition of data enthusiasts would not be possible: AXA, Total, Air Liquide, Oresys, Engie, MAIF and Euler Hermes.

Registrations are available here: 

We need you, on May 23rd 2019, in Berlin & Paris!

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About us

The Data Sciences Olympics are organized by FrenchData in collaboration with Zelros, and the GoodTechnologyCollective in Berlin. The 2019 edition is the 3dt edition of the Data Science competition.