Pierrot Lunaire - Music-Theatre Performance

07|05|2021 - 08|05|2022

The 1781 Collective Presents…

PIERROT in the MOONLIGHT: Expressionist Music-Drama Masterpiece

A journey into madness. A descent into the depths of expressionism through the quintessential masterwork of the era – Schoenberg’s PIERROT LUNAIRE in a completely new production.

Love. Sex. Jealousy. Violence. Crime. Blasphemy. Homecoming. Nostalgia – who said classical music was boring? Walk in the footsteps of Pierrot – sad clown of the Commedia dell’arte, reimagined by Albert Giraud and realised by Arnold Schoenberg in 1912 in Berlin. The proto-Dadaist and pre-Surrealist melodrama that changed music forever.

“The wine that one drinks with one’s eyes
Is poured down in waves by the moon at night,
And a spring tide overflows
The silent horizon.” – Albert Giraud, ‘Mondestrunken’

///WHEN & WHERE: May 7th & 8th, 2022 @ Kuehlhaus Berlin, Luckenwalder Str. 3 10963 Berlin.

19 – 21:30 Uhr




///WHAT: A 70 minute music and theatre performance. You as the audience will walk into the incredible walls of the Kuehlhaus and directly enter Pierrot’s world, where violence and cruelty blend with themes of love and sexuality in a surrealistic nightmare that will not leave you unblemished…

The audience will follow Pierrot around the physical space whilst exploring his metaphysical journey. The bar will be set up before, during and after the event, as we create a space for you to engage with this masterpiece visually, aurally, and physically.

“The poet, urged on by his devotions,
Becomes intoxicated with the sacred beverage;
Enraptured, he turns toward heaven
His head, and, staggering, sucks and sips
The wine that one drinks with one’s eyes.” – Albert Giraud, ‘Mondestrunken’


Corinna Ruba – PIERROT
Thibault Back de Surany – Conductor
Chris Lloyd (1781 Collective) – Piano
Holly Workman (Ensemble Modern) – Violin
Lauriane Maudry (HfM Hanns Eisler) – Clarinet
Kelly Watson Woelffer (Hear Now Berlin) – Flute
Moritz Ebert (1781 Collective) – Cello


Q. Is this event similar to the LABYRINTH experiences?
A. Yes and No: we have endeavoured to design an experience that creates a similar atmosphere experienced in previous events, however the event format will be completely new, and focusing on a rarely performed masterpiece of the 20th century.

Q. What is a ‘fully staged walkthrough experience’?
A. The audience will go on a psychological and physical journey throughout the piece – following a numerological design inherent in the piece, with the audience exploring various places within the space as the piece unfolds.

Q. Is the venue wheelchair accessible?
A. Yes! Whilst the audience will walk up and downstairs, there is lift making the event fully wheelchair accessible.

Q. Will there be a bar and coat check?
A. Yes! There is a bar available throughout the entire performance and you’ll have access to coatcheck at entrance and exit.

Q. What language will the show be in?
A. Both German and English – the original sung text will be performed in German, with English subtitles and narration.

Q. How long will the the event be?
A. The performance experience will last around 70 minutes in total, with access to the Pop-Up Bar before and after the show.

Q. Is it child friendly?
A. We recommend a minimum age of 13.

Q. What are the Covid-19 regulations that will be set for the event?
A. We will follow all regulations set for performing art events that are relevant on the performance day pertaining to vaccination and mask mandates.

For all further questions and information, please email info@1781collective.com


About the 1781 Collective:

1781 is an international collective of musicians and interdisciplinary artists. Launched in Autumn 2018, its mission is to explore new listening and performance methods with music, and offer an alternative to the traditional music industry for both audiences and creators.


Sponsored by Bechstein Pianos and the Deutsche Musikrat.