Kühlhaus Berlin,  5. OG

Beginn / Concert starts at 20h

Einlass / Doors open at 19:30h

Eintritt frei, Spenden erwünscht / Admission is free, generous donations are appreciated


Wojciech Garbowski – Violine

Salvatore Di Lorenzo – Violin

Ian Anderson – Viola

Konstantin Manaev – Violoncello




String Quartet No. 3 „Mishima“ 


Premier of the new compositions & improvisations for a string quartet 

For some time now, the Sonar Quartett has been in residence at the unique art space of KühlhausBerlin. In this inspiring setting, the four musicians draw inspiration and fresh impulses to craft their new works. In the new chamber music series „Hören Neue,” the quartet spotlights an evolving piece or a particular composer, framing the program with other, at times unheard, compositions. Furthermore, the quartet unveils its own new composition on each occasion, meticulously developed by the four musicians exclusively for the respective concert.

Since its establishment in 2006, the Berlin-based Sonar Quartett has consistently explored the fringes of classical music, giving birth to utopias and crafting sonic imprints through improvisation, whose echoes pave the way to their next notated opus. The four musicians see themselves as a composing string quartet that transcends presumed genre boundaries. They do so by incorporating their own bodies, electronic amplification, and distortion, or by transforming visual artworks into sound. With the Sonar Quartet, contemporary music transcends the auditory and visual realms, becoming a tactile experience for both the performers and the audience alike.

The Sonar Quartett is funded by the Berlin Senate Department for Culture and Social Cohesion.