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The Fairest - Open your eyes again

14|09|2022 - 18|09|2022

THE FAIREST 01: Open Your Eyes Again
Inaugural annual art fair
60+ Artists
Daily performative interventions

Luckenwalder Str. 3, 10963 Berlin

OPENING: SEP 13, 5 – 11 pm
SEP 14 – 18, 12 – 6 pm

The title of the inaugural main fair, Open Your Eyes Again, appeals to constantly reflect and redefine what contemporary practice is and can be. It is a hint to look, listen, think, touch, smell twice, three times, four times… To be more aware, critical and question the perception of the stereotypical and traditional conversation in art.

THE FAIREST 01: Open Your Eyes Again presents a wide variety of practices, following extensive research, to demonstrate the density of artistic production that is happening in Berlin.

As fairs are typically gallery built, positions presented can be predictable. In order to break with this, THE FAIREST brings back the essence of discovery to the art fair/market setting. Curated group shows cohesively maintain the artists’ works with meaning and dialogues, rather than as individual objects in booths. Lively, immersive environments are created, with sound, participation, performative interventions and discussion.

Happening on Tuesday September 13, one day before the official Berlin Art Week opening, THE FAIREST’s event will bend rules and challenge the (vernissage) status quo in both content and format.

Level 4 and 5 of Kühlhaus will reveal the art fair group exhibition with 60+ artists.

The event will include two exclusive shows by EXPAT and JON ARO, staging a hybrid concert-performance in front of the fair venue.


THE FAIREST (TF) is a new curatorial platform and art fair format for young, emerging, or independent artists and creators to have direct visibility in the art market. Launched in 2021, TF actions the abundance of relevant, urgent and experimental practices, under matched by exposure. Artists, regardless of gallery representation or medium, typically without access to art fairs and collectors, are featured in TF.

THE FAIREST challenges heteropatriarchy and homogeneous norms, implementing a sustainable, community driven system as the mission basis.

Co-founders: Georgie Pope & Eleonora Sutter