Trio Dona Zefa - Forro


Beginning: 8pm
Get ready for an unforgettable night of authentic Forró Pé de Serra with Trio Dona Zefa! 🌟 With 20 years of incredible musical journey, they are one of the largest traditional Forró groups in existence, having toured throughout Brazil and internationally. 🌍
Join us as we celebrate the magic of Trio Dona Zefa’s performances, filled with respect and love for the beautiful cultural variety of traditional Forró! 💃🕺 From Murillo’s unmistakable zabumba, Danilo’s unique voice and compositions, to Milla’s exciting accordion melodies, it’s almost impossible to pick a favorite, their music will always make your heart dance! ❤️
Trio Dona Zefa’s dedication to showcasing the authentic Forró Pé de Serra has won them a legion of fans worldwide, and we are honored to welcome them to our stage in Berlin! 🌟
If you’re a true Forrozeir@, you won’t want to miss this contagious experience! 🎉 Sing along to their songs and dance the night away as the dance floor comes alive!
Mark your calendars, spread the word and stay tuned for updates! 📆🗣