Yelmur - How We Hide | Live Premiere |


Yelmur – How We Hide | Live Premiere

Fri 19 May 2023 20:00 – 22:30

Join us for the premiere of Yelmur’s live band show at the Kubus hall of Kühlhaus Berlin on Friday the 19th of May!

Yelmur is the brainchild of Jelmer de Haan, a Berlin-based composer, producer, and multi- instrumentalist who blends electronic music with elements of jazz and prog. His debut solo album, ‘How We Hide,’ was released in December ’22 and now the music has been transformed into a unique live experience.

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The music is filled with carefully crafted sounds that allow for new discoveries upon every listen. The atmospheric songs tell stories about the human condition and other existentialist themes. The complex soundscapes have been translated into a four-person live show, combining compositions with freely improvised sections. Using analog synthesizers, acoustic drum-kit triggering electronic sounds, e-bass running through a multitude of effect pedals, and manipulated vocals, all sounds are being signal processed on stage.

The band’s unique setup is amplified through the layout of the Kubus hall, where they will be centered in the room, allowing the audience a 360 degrees experience by walking around the stage or looking down from the top floor to the musicians below.

Jelmer de Haan – Bass, Synthesizers, Vocals, Ableton Live Lennart Smidt – Synthesizers, Nord
Chris Hill – Drums, Sensory Percussion
Damjan Blažun – Live Sound Processing

“Yelmur has taken the chaos of the world and transformed it into something beautiful and therapeutic.”

“Yelmur fluctuates between playful musicality and unhinged experimentalism.”

See you there!

Yelmur’s live band show is made possible by the generous support of the Musikfonds e.V. Stipendienprogramm 2023 (Stip-III).

Header photo by: Nick Tauro Jr. Portrait photo by: Shai Levi